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HealthPromOur mission is to work in partnership to promote health and social care for women and children in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Health and Medicine
Social Services and Relief
London London
Healthy Living Centre DartfordHealthy Living Centre Dartford?s overall charitable aims are: The relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently or temporarily in Dartford and the surrounding areas. The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment. Health and Medicine
Social Services and Relief
Culture, Sport and Recreation
Dartford Kent
Healthy Living Projects LimitedOur Mission is to provide a range of targeted services that meet the needs of Homeless and Vulnerable adults. These services will be delivered from our Day Centre in Ilford by our dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers in partnership with our key Stakeholders. Housing and Community Affairs
Education and Science
Social Services and Relief
Ilford Essex
Hearing Dogs for Deaf PeopleHearing Dogs for Deaf People is a world-leader in training dogs to alert deaf recipients to important household sounds and danger signals providing life-changing levels of independence, confidence and companionship. Environment and Protection of Animals
Social Services and Relief
Saunderton Buckinghamshire
Hearing Help EssexWe aim to relieve the isolation & loneliness of those with an acquired hearing loss offering practical help, support & guidance. Our team of trained volunteers carry out cleaning & basic maintenance to NHS hearing aids & help users understand the controls & fitting of their aid. We run Hearing Help Sessions across mid-Essex & provide home visits within that area. We loan equipment to allow hard of hearing clients to try before buying expensive equipment. We do not sell equipment, so our advice is impartial Education and Science
Health and Medicine
Chelmsford Essex
Hearing LinkWe are the UK organisation for people with hearing loss & their families. We make it easy to find information, services & support, and to connect with others to share experiences & advice. Health and Medicine Eastbourne East Sussex
Hearing Link?Increase awareness and understanding of hearing loss and its impact ?Inform, enable and empower people to manage hearing loss ?Ensure that appropriate services are provided for people affected by hearing loss Health and Medicine Eastbourne East Sussex
Heart CareHeart Care is a pioneer in cardiac rehabilitation. Since opening in 1981, we have developed a flexible and accessible programme, specially designed to cater for the broadest range of people. Every patient is given a tailor-made exercise programme arranged and supervised by our exercise physiology team. Health and Medicine Walsall West Midlands
Heart for RomaniaHeart for Romania works to relieve poverty and provide support to Roma gypsy communities in Transylvania. We help children access education, build homes for local families, and run a Safe House for young adults. International Epsom Surrey
HEART InternationalHEART - Harmonising and Empowering Africa to Regenerate Together - alleviate poverty in Africa by bringing hearts and minds together to empower the countries within Africa to help themselves through the synergy of a Global Collaboration . HEART enables people of Africa to help themselves. Civil Rights and Citizenship
Environment and Protection of Animals
Social Services and Relief
Walthamtow London
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