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Remember A CharityRemember A Charity is a consortium of 140 charities. We want to do something that no one charity can do alone – grow the legacy sector. Currently only 7% of people leave a gift to charity in their will, but this is worth £1.9billion annually (about the size of 25 Red Nose days). By growing this to 11%, we could raise an additional £1billion for charities. Remember A Charity is part of the Institute of Fundraising, but operates separately. Health and Medicine
Social Services and Relief
Philanthropic Intermediation
London London
Remember SpencerOur goals are to provide donations to childrens' cancer charities and local families who are experiencing the trauma of childhood cancer and to raise money for essential new research into neuroblastoma. We are a small charity and all our trustees and supporters work on a voluntary basis with all the money raised going to support these families. Health and Medicine Newhaven East Sussex
REMUS MEMORIAL HORSE SANCTUARYRemus Memorial Horse Sanctuary provides a lifetime of help and care for horses, ponies, goats, sheep, & cows, who are victims of physical and mental abuse, be it as a result or ignorance or malicious intent. The animals are our prime concern and are treated with the utmost respect. Animals are never euthanased for reasons of age or infirmity alone. Nothing is spared to give them every chance to thrive into old age. Environment and Protection of Animals Nr Ingatestone Essex
Renaissance FoundationRenaissance Foundation is an educational foundation producing innovative learning projects and supporting initiatives for young people internationally. We work in partnership to deliver support programmes for individuals, organisations and communities. Education and Science London London
RENEW NORTH EASTProvide employment to previously long-term unemployed people, reduce the impact of landfill sites by recycling domestic appliances for resale to the public at affordable prices following strict safety testing. Education and Science GATESHEAD Tyne and Wear
Renewable World1.4 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. Indoor air pollution from fuels used for lighting and heating is a major killer. Renewable World, a registered charity, tackles poverty in developing countries by supporting renewable energy schemes to improve livelihoods, light homes, schools and clinics and pump clean water. International Brighton East Sussex
Renewal (north west)To provide help and support to unemployed people such that barriers that prevent them from working are broken down so as to enable them to gain and sustain full time employment. To do this by providing work experience and skills development in the areas of computer repair and refurbishment, furniture renovation and retailing skills. Housing and Community Affairs
Social Services and Relief
Education and Science
Stockport Cheshire
Rephael HouseRephael House is an independent charity committed to serving people living in Barnet and the surrounding boroughs, by providing counselling, emotional support, information and advice, thus meeting people at their point of need. Rephael House provides a confidential environment and aims to create supportive client relationships, enabling clients to work towards living in more satisfying and resourceful ways. Health and Medicine New Barnet Hertfordshire
ReprieveReprieve provides frontline investigation and legal representation to prisoners denied justice by powerful governments across the world, especially those governments that should be upholding the highest standards when it comes to fair trials. We help prisoners facing the death penalty worldwide. We also help prisoners denied justice in the name of the ?War on Terror?, such as those held without charge or trial in Guantánamo Bay and the countless secret prisons beyond. International
Civil Rights and Citizenship
London London
ReRun Dorset Runaways ServiceThe relief of children and young people aged 18 years and under in Dorset, who: - have run away from home or are at risk of running away from home, or - are being forced to leave home due to domestic crisis, or - are at risk of having no secure or safe place to life by developing such charitable services that will provide advice, information or support to ensure that safe and secure accommodation is maintained. Social Services and Relief Sturminster Newton Dorset
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