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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
S-H-A-R-EThe Foundation has been set up to fund nursing projects for the poor and needy in the third world countries. Its purpose is to provide free nursing care for the infirm, elderly and terminally ill in the low-income group. We have extended our care to the physically and mentally disabled in these needy communities. The object of the project is to assist in the support and care of the patients in their homes and promote prevention of ill health by provision of public health education. Social Services and Relief London Middlesex
S.H.A.R.E RescueWe at S.H.A.R.E. Rescue are dedicated to the welfare of the Siberian Husky in the United Kingdom. To this end, we bring in Huskies and Husky crosses that have found themselves in shelters or given up by their owners for various reasons. As a breed specific rescue our resources are somewhat limited and we rely completely on our network of volunteers, who are spread around the UK. Environment and Protection of Animals Sheffield East Yorkshire
S.O.S.Stroke GroupHelping young survivors of Stroke in the Glasgow area. Health and Medicine Glasgow Glasgow (City of)
SABRE Research UKWe call for systematic reviews of animal experiments so that scientists have reliable evidence to conclude whether animal research is of value to human medicine. Better science for better healthcare. Health and Medicine
Education and Science
SACRED (South African Children's Resource for Education and Development) TrustThe mission of SACRED (South African Resource for Education and Development) Trust is to provide the children of South Africa the ability to break the poverty cycle they are in, a chance to choose there own destiny. This is made possible through providing continual access to education and by setting up projects that encourage people to help themselves. Education and Science
Health and Medicine
Leighton Buzzard Buckinghamshire
Sacred Heart Primary SchoolSacred Heart Catholic Primary School is located in an area of deprivation which is seeking regeneration, and admits children across the socio-economic spectrum. It has a remarkable record in providing added value for those with limited opportunities or expectations. Its success has been recognised by an award of 1.4m to improve its facilities for the children and the local community, which will be invited to share in using them; however, the school is having to raise 10% of the total funding (140,000). Culture, Sport and Recreation
Education and Science
Hastings East Sussex
Saddleworth Historical SocietyThe Saddleworth Historical Society aims to promote the history of the district through a variety of means, including publishing a quarterly bulletin, organising monthly lectures and sponsoring new research. The Society also publishes books about the area, covering a diverse range of subjects, from historic maps to the First World War. In addition, an expanding archive, which is open to the public, is maintained by the Society. Culture, Sport and Recreation Saddleworth West Yorkshire
Sadguru kabir Seva SamajTo relieve poverty and sickness, particuarly in India. Health and Medicine
Education and Science
Leicester Leicestershire
SADS UKTo save lives and support individuals and families who are predisposed to sudden cardiac death due to heart rhythm abnormalities (cardiac arrhythmia). Culture, Sport and Recreation
Education and Science
Health and Medicine
West Horndon Essex
Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide (SAWW)Our mission is to provide life-saving anaesthesia to those in need in poor areas of the world. We do this by funding the provision of: ANAESTHETIC EQUIPMENT that is suitable for use in developing countries to hospitals in need; TRAINING for medical and technical staff in poor countries to safely deliver anaesthesia and keep the anaesthetic equipment in good working order; and RESEARCH into ways of improving the safe delivery of anaesthesia in poor countries. Health and Medicine
Marden Kent
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